Burger Lift Gourmet Burger Tasting

Burger Lift Gourmet Burger Tasting Party at Idle Hands Bar (NYC) on May 15, 2014.
The Burger Lift team is thrilled to announce a new reward level for our Kickstarter backers!  We’re partnering with Idle Hands Bar in Alphabet City, NYC, to offer a gourmet burger tasting and meet and greet with the Burger Lift team!

The tasting will include 3 off-menu burgers prepared by Idle Hands Bar Chef, Dennis Hatzinger. All burgers will be made with Burger Maker ground beef. You’ll taste their Certified Angus Beef Steakburger, Certified Humane, all Natural Beef blend and Idle Hands Bar house patty, a custom blend of chuck and hanger.  All that will be complemented with their delicious tater tots.

The tasting will be led by expert burger taster Rev Ciancio from Burger Conquest. You might be familiar with his burger skills from appearances on the Travel Channel’s “Burger Land,” and “Food Wars,” or on The Learning Channel’s “Cake Boss.”

This will be a great opportunity to meet with the Burger Lift team and see our prototypes in person!  All this can be had as a reward for your $30 pledge.  (if you would like multiple quantities or to add this on to another award, please send us a message on our project page!)

This tasting is available in very limited quantities, so please don’t hesitate! Thank you for your support!




  1. Christine O'Brien Spezzi

    Dear Matt:

    My husband and I will be joining you in NYC for the tasting. By the way, your mother is my first cousin. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Christine!
    Can’t wait to see you and your husband at the tasting!

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