The Burger Lift (*Patent Pending) is a device designed to elevate the burger above the plate and give one of America’s favorite foods a proper throne to rest upon.  It is constructed from either stainless steel or plastic and is dishwasher safe.  The design is both lightweight and easy to grab, but sturdy enough to withstand the test of time.



We also know that drawer and cabinet space in kitchens is extremely valuable real estate. Therefore, we have designed The Burger Lift to be stackable and neatly stored in any kitchen.

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So it doesn’t matter if you have 4, 8, 12, or 100 Burger Lifts; they will always have a place to call home.






Here at Burger Lift, we love hamburgers and we know you do too!!! Everything from the juicy patty, to the crisp lettuce, to a delicious sauce that pulls the whole meal together.  It is our feeling that the hamburger might be the single greatest invention in human history!

We are not alone. Americans eat roughly 50 billion burgers every year.  That’s roughly 3 burgers per person every week!  But while eating all these burgers, we started to notice a problem.

So what’s the best part of the burger? The juiciness of a medium-rare patty, of course. The worst part, the messy plate! Juice spills out of the hamburger as you are eating it and inevitably begins to pool on the plate.  We are left with the dilemma of where to place the burger down.

Do we set it in the juice and get the dreaded soggy bun? Do we place it awkwardly on the edge of the plate? Do we balance the burgers on the fries?  Or do we just hold the burger throughout the meal?  None of these options are ideal.

The Burger Lift! The Burger Lift was conceived to give you a place to rest your burger to avoid all the sogginess and let you enjoy every bite of your favorite meal from start to finish. It would raise the burger a fraction of an inch above the plate and allow the burger to elevate above the mess. The next big question was how it would look.

Our goal was to make the Burger Lift a clean, simple design that functioned well and was aesthetically pleasing. We attempted many versions before ultimately focusing on our final design.

Initial Sketches:

3D Model

Model done by Brian DiNoto
Model done by Brian DiNoto

Rapid Prototyping

Using the model, we constructed several 3D-printed plastic prototypes (through the Makerbot Replicator 2). Having the ability to transform our thoughts and designs into the real world allowed us the opportunity to analyze our design and find improvements.  The overall size of the Burger Lift was refined to find the optimal scale to fit burgers without dominating your plate. We tweaked the fine details until the form and function were just right.

3d Printed Test
3d Printed Test

From the rapid plastic prototypes, we commissioned several stainless steel prototypes, from Shapeways, based on our final design.  This design contains an iconic burger image that is slowly revealed as the meal is consumed. The concentric rings allow the juices of the burger to pass onto the plate while the bun remains elevated above the mess.


Now it was on to the fun part. Like any good designer, we diligently tested our product by eating countless burgers while using The Burger Lift. We found the juices drained perfectly and the bun remained dry. Ultimately using The Burger Lift created a better tasting and less messy meal.


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