Kickstarter Success!!!

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In order to get the Burger Lift started, we needed some help.  When manufacturing a product like this, a big cost is the creation of the initial mold. The mold is a hollowed out block that liquid metal is poured into and hardens to form the proper shape as it dries. Once the mold is created, mass production of your product can begin for a relatively reasonable cost. So we turned to Kickstarter in order to generate this initial startup cost.  Kickstarter is an amazing platform that allows entrepreneurs to be passionate about their product and to present it in a creative way.  This allows them to get others excited and generating some preorders for your product.


We poured our heart and souls into the Kickstarter campaign and after 30 of the most emotional days of our lives, we were successful!  We raised $11,114 which surpassed our goal and needed startup cost of $10,000.  Through this campaign we were able to sell over 1000 Burger Lifts and Burger Lift merchandise to start our company off with a huge win!


The Burger Lift would not have come to fruition without the support of our friends, family, and the rest Kickstarter community.  With this strong push to get us off the ground, we have the momentum to make the Burger Lift a remarkable success!


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