March Update: Burger Lifts are Almost Here!

Happy March, Burger Lifters! It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally answer the question you have all been asking for months: “Where are my burger lifts?”

We know your (and our) preferred answer is “In my burger-loving hands,” and it will be soon! For now, we’ll have to settle for “On the Mediterranean Sea, passing between Greece and Libya as we type.” Provided the captain steers clear of Greek sirens and navigates the Strait of Gibraltar without incident, they should be arriving in the New York port in just over a week!

Our ship is circled in red, along with an arrow showing the day's progress. They're almost here!
Our ship is circled in red, along with an arrow showing the day’s progress. They’re almost here!

There will be a bit of an unpredictable wait as the Burger Lifts clear customs, but rest assured we have our shipping all ready for their arrival. Koozies and aprons are packed and ready to head out the door to our Kickstarter backers as soon as we get the Burger Lifts!

We’ll send another update when they arrive, but in the meantime, if you don’t already follow us on Twitter or Instagram or “Like” us on Facebook, please do so. You’ll see some of the burgers we’ve lifted, along with more of the day-to-day progress of getting the Burger Lifts out to all of you.

Thank you all to all our loyal Kickstarter backers for your patience through this complicated process of creating a brand new product! We know it’s been long and painstaking, but we trust that, once they arrive, they’ll be well worth the wait!

Yours in Bun Lifting,

Team Burger Lift

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