5 Burgers that (Desperately) Need a Burger Lift

The Burger Lift elevates your burger off the surface of the plate, keeping your bun safe from juice and sauce that accumulates on the plate and allowing you to enjoy your meal.


Why do you need a Burger Lift, you ask? These 5 burgers should make it pretty clear…


1. The Sauce Boss


BL sauce boss

Image via instagram.com/nilevilla

This thing has gooey cheese and sauce for days. It can be absolutely delicious, but a couple of bites and your plate is a puddle. It sure would be nice to have a dry place to rest that burger…



2. The Disappearing Bottom Bun


That soft, squishy bun was so promising when you put the burger on it. After your first bite, it looks like this.

BL Disappearing Bottom Bun

Image via ninosrealtynews.com


Trying to put that sucker down, even if the plate isn’t too messy, results in this.


BL Disappearing Bottom Bun 2

Image via Roadfood.com


Where did the bottom bun go? It’s in 7 soggy pieces, flattened under the patty. If only you could #LiftYourBuns…



3. The Bun Fortress


BL Bun Fortress


“We don’t want the bun to fall apart,” you say. “We need something hearty to soak up the juices from the patty!” And then you end up with something like this. Is there even a patty in there anywhere?


BL Bun Fortress 2

Image via grubgrade.com


Please, don’t even mention Ciabatta. More like Cia-notta chance! Ya feel me?


Don’t resort to the bun fortress. Get yourself a Burger Lift and let your bun to meat ratio be determined by your taste, not your fear of mess.



4. The Hockey Puck


BL Hockey Puck

“Don’t make it too messy,” you think. “Just let it cook one more minute. We don’t want a disappearing bottom bun situation.” And then it looks like one of Donald Trump’s steaks. Well, I guess it won’t be messy.


Good luck getting any flavor in it, though. That’s all in the bottom of the pan or grill (along with your dreams).


Wouldn’t it be better to get a Burger Lift, and cook a burger with some juice in it?



5. The Egg-ceptional Mess



Image via instagram.com/zagat

It’s beautiful, it’s delicious, but that mess is no yolk – ahem – joke. You can have a sticky, eggy situation before you even pick it up. Put this badboy on a Burger Lift, though, and it’ll be sitting pretty. Don’t be afraid to lift your Lift and do some late-meal dipping!



You know what other burger needs a Burger Lift? Your next one!



BL Genuine


Order your own Burger Lifts here, and let your favorite burger spot know about them!


Never again shall the world resort to dry, overcooked, overbunned burgers, or compromise taste in the name of structure. #LiftYourBuns with a Burger Lift!

Featured image via instagram.com/mrfrankstagram

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