Burger Lift is Filling Up the Airwaves (Internet Tubes?)!

It was a big week for Burger Lift on the air waves (or whatever it is podcasts travel over/through/in)!




Our very own Mike Tanzillo joined Rev Ciancio, mastermind of NYC Burger Week, along with several chefs, restaurateurs, brand reps, partners and charities representing the various Burger Week events to talk Burger Week on the Like, Bite, & Share Podcast. Hear Mike go over some of the details of the Golden Burger Lift Dinner at Joe’s, and you can hear about the other great events as well! Click here and have a listen.





In other podcast news, Small Bites Radio featured the Burger Lift in its Product Spotlight on Sunday, calling it a “wonderful product.” Check it out (the Product Spotlight comes right at the beginning)!


Take Scott & Derek’s advice and buy some Burger Lifts! And pick up your NYC Burger Week tickets before they’re all gone!

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